Dermatology rashes and Covid

According to the American dematology company, a 20% of patients with Covid (asymptomatic and symptomatic) can occur skin rashes (before, during or during the course of the disease).
Characteristic rashes are:
1. A type of urticaria (urticaria) with intense constipation, which recede in 30-60 minutes and may appear in other parts of the body (upper photo)
2. Covid rings with swelling/redness on toes and arms (bottom left photo).
3. Kilidovlatid rashes on the body and the limbs (photo below right).
It is important to understand that other viral respiratory infections are combined with dermatological rashes.
We also cannot predict the severity of the disease depending on skin events.
Depending on the history and symptoms of each patient, it may be recommended to take place a rapid or pcr test.
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