Curriculum Vitae

Dr Christos Pallouras is a board certified Dermatologist/Venerologist regognised from the medical board of Nordrhein-Westfallia in Germany and the cypriot medical board. He subspecialised also in the field of Allergology. He holds a master degree in Aesthetic Medicine. Furthermore he is certified from the german medical board in supervision and handling of lasers and energy based devices in medicine.

After finishing his medical studies in 2009 at the Artistotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece he started his specialisation in the field of Dermatology and Venerology at the University Clinic of Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, Germany under the supervision of Prof. Elsner.

He continued his specialiasation at the University Clinic of Cologne, Germany under the supervision of Prof. Krieg. As a referrence center for autoimmune skin diseases and skin cancer he had the opportunity to expand his knowledge for diseases like skleroderma, lupus and melanoma. He gained also experience in the field of allergology.

He then worked as a specialist in the private clinic of Dr. Nuechel in Moenchengladbach. He obdained his subspecialisation title in the field of Allergology in 2017 and his Master Degree in Aesthetic Medicine in 2020.

Since 2018 he works at his private office in Larnaca.


  • 03.2014 Phenotypes and clinical implications of hereditary Lipomatoses“, 1st International congress of cypriot dermatological society (Co-Author: Dr. J. Schreml).
  • 02.2014, Bilateral adult Gonoblennorrhoea“, Case report during the 2nd DDG Kompakt, Hamburg (, DOI: 10.1111/ddg.12304) (Co-Author: Dr. Rasokat).
  • 11.2013 1, Familiar multiple Lipomatosis: Case Report and clinical implications“, Paraneoplastic Autoimmunsyndrom“, Posters during the 16th DWFA, Cologne (Co-Author: PD Dr. K. Hartmann).
  • 09.2012, Ingenol Mebutate Gel für die Behandlung von aktinischen Keratosen“, Dermatology Clinic, University of Cologne.
  • 06.2009, Surgical Problems of immunsupressed Patients“, 5th Congress of Medical Faculty of Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki (Co-Autor: Prof. I. Kesisoglou).
  • 04.2007 „Selen und Prostata-Cancer“,13. Scientific Congress of medical students in Greece (Co-Autor: Prof. M. Giala).


In our private office we offer a broad spectrum of treatments for
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