CO2 Plasma Lift: The ultimate anti aging treatment

As we age we observe the most intense changes in our face between our 30’s and 50’s. Around the eyes and on the forehead the first wrinkles appear and in the central face the fat cells start to shrink. Additionally the renewal of collagen fibres in the skin slows down and our skin becomes more pale and loose.
With the CO2 Plasma lift  treatment we combine 2 well established treatments, CO2 fractional Laser and Platelett rich Plasma (PRP) in order to rejuvenate not only the surface of the skin but also the deeper layers.
The CO2 Laser activates the cells that produce collagen and elastin and the PRP uses the growth factors of our platelets to rejuvenate the skin. The combination of these 2 treatments boosts the collagen production, eliminates fine wrinkles and superficial pigmentations. Some weeks after the treatment the skin looks younger, more shiny, fresh and firm.
The pain during the treatment, something that worries the patient, is reduced not only due to the anesthetic cream used prior to the treatment but also due to the cold air delivered from a Zimmer Cryo Cooler maschine during the treatment.
All of the lasers and maschines are regularly serviced in order to guarantee you the proper energy delivery and avoid any complications.
Before starting the treatments we suggest a clinical examination from Dr. Christos Pallouras in order to set the goals of the treatment and the number of sessions needed.
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