Botox: Do’s and don’ts in order to last longer

Botulinumtoxin for the treatment of facial wrinkles is one of the most popular treatments in a dermatologists office. 
The treatment duration is usually from 4 to 6 months and depends on several factors like the dynamic of the muscles and our metabolism, factors that we barely can change. 
There are though some factors that we can change in order to make the botulinum toxin to last longer:
1. Do your treatments in a certified doctor that has experience in injectable treatments and uses the proper amount of toxin for your face. Less botox means less duration. 
2. Avoid exercise, alcohol consume and sauna on the treatment day. Due to the vasodilation the toxin is transferred from the injected area in the blood circulation thus reducing the amount of toxin in the injected muscle. 
3. Avoid smoking. Nicotin reduces the duration of the toxin. 
4. Do not rub or press the injected areas fro 24 hours in order to avoid the transfer of the toxin in other areas. 
5. Remember to do the treatment in regular intervals especially in the first 2 years. On the long term you will begin to avoid facial expressions that create the facial wrinkles. 
6. Ask your doctor about mineral supplements that help to maintain the action of the toxin. 
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