Personalised and prophylactic micro botox

Micro botox can be used for prophylactic purposes to prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles before they become static thus giving better results than waiting until the wrinkles become static.

By observing the movements of the muscles of the patient’s face we can detect the wrinkles that will form in the future but are not visible right now.

Botox relaxes the muscles which when they contract they create wrinkles. The repetitive contraction of the muscles creates the static wrinkles. By relaxing this muscles the expressions of the face become smoother and we reduce the ageing process and formation of static wrinkles. Aim of the treatment is to reduce the strength of the expressions and not the frozen botox look.

Prophylactic micro botox can be used in people which have the tendency for formation of wrinkles like:

  1. People with parents with deep static wrinkles
  2. Expressive persons which use a lot their facial muscles during conversations
  3. People with fair, fine and dry skin
  4. People who are exposed regularly for long hours in the sun (hobbies, work)

In conclusion there is no age to start a botox treatment. Micro botox injections can be administered at any age if there is a tendency for formation of wrinkles in order to prevent them.

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